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Are we nearly there yet?!? August 31, 2011

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The story of our two day journey to the Vendee in Western France:

Day 1:

The first day began with a very early start – seen as Roxanna’s feeding and sleeping patterns are still somewhat erratic it made sense to set off as soon as she woke up and had been fed. First task of the day was for David to fit everything in the car that had been carefully laid out the night before. Now I have to admit that even though I’m all for gender equality there are just some things that only men can do and one of those is to be able to pack the car with an entire household worth of stuff that when laid out looks at least twice the size of the car itself! Not only can they fit everything in the car but are also able to do it in a way that nothing can fall over and you can somehow get to anything you might possibly need during the journey. There is also always room for that last extra bag that you just have to pack at the last minute!

So with car expertly packed we set off and as I mentioned this was pretty early to allow extra time for possible traffic, Roxy needing food or finally doing that poo she’d been storing up for days! Little did we know that there would be absolutely no traffic whatsoever and Roxy would be fast asleep the entire journey! so we arrived at Folkestone Eurotunnel – wait for it – 3 hours early!! Luckily the kind staff of the Eurotunnel felt sorry for us and allowed us to get on an earlier crossing!

Clearly, we must have looked suspicious though as we were directed to the ballistics testing area, maybe this was due to the fact that we had Shaggy’s Mr Bombastic playing as we wound down the window – should have timed the old school ‘classics’ better on the playlist! After sweeping our car and deciding we were safe to continue we drove up to passport control where I excitedly tried to show them Roxy’s shiny new passport but the immigration officer looked at us with such disgust that we dared to interrupt his day of staring into space by having to look at our passports so off we headed to the train.

Somewhere between England and France a suspect smell began to emanate from the back of the car and sure enough Roxanna had decided to do that poo in THE most inconvenient place – on a train under the sea! After designing a makeshift changing table on David’s car seat we set about attempting to clean Roxy without getting any poo on the car seat and hoping against hope that she wouldn’t decide to wee just as we took the nappy off! Thankfully luck was on our side that day and so we headed into the French leg of our journey with the car unharmed!

Once into France the journey continued pretty smoothly until I accidentally attempted to give the man at the toll booth Hong Kong dollars to pay for the motorway! Oops – that’s the problem with keeping random foreign currency together in the man drawer!

We shortly arrived in Rouen, our stopover location for the first night.

Dumb quote of the day – Rachel: “I like kilometres as they go by quicker!”

Day 2:

After emerging from our hotel room in the morning feeling like hermits as we had not left the room since about 4pm the day before, we set off on the second leg of our journey towards St Jean-De-Monts.

This was a fairly quick and uneventful journey apart from a stop we made at a service station. I was feeding Roxy in the car so sent David off to buy coffee. He returned shortly after with two drinks in his hands but looking very sheepish. After finally getting out of him what had happened in there, this is what had gone down: David had impressed himself by managing to order a tea and a coffee in his best schoolboy French but then saw they were being poured into china cups rather than take-aways. He began to panic, not knowing the French for ‘take-away cups’, but instead of reverting to English, he bravely shouted “cups du take-away” whilst pointing outside! Genius – Delboy Trotter lives on!

We arrived at our campsite in St Jean-De-Monts that afternoon.

Dumb quote of the day –

David: “Rachel, we have been driving for one hour and have done 67 miles, what’s our average speed? ”

Rachel: “erm, not sure, is it about 60?”

David: “try 67”

Oops – mental arithmetic never really was my strong point!



Everything including the kitchen sink! August 28, 2011

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We are soon to head off on our first holiday with Roxy and so begins the mammoth task of packing for a baby! After writing a list the length of a small novel just for the things we’d need for Roxy I was starting to get a bit daunted by the amount of stuff we would need to try and fit in the car!

How is it possible that someone so small needs so much stuff! Although I say ‘needs’ but let’s be honest, probably 75% of what I’m packing are the ‘just in case’ items from a paranoid new mum! For just a week in France it is unlikely that Roxy will ‘need’ three different weights of blanket, three different types of sleeping bag, four pairs of shoes, 10 sachets of Calpol…… You get the picture!

I am somewhat disappointed though that Roxy appears to have more clothes than me already at the age of 3 months!

Getting everything ready for the holiday is a bit of a military operation – you hold the baby, I’ll pack this bag, now I’ll hold the baby and you attempt to force the bag into the already full boot of the car!

And to top it all off as I was hoovering the house to make sure it’s tidy for potential burglars/squatters and packing the emergency toilet roll I suddenly stopped to wonder exactly when it was I turned into my Mother!!


The life of a Spurs widow! August 25, 2011

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For anyone in the World who doesn’t know this, (Unlikely!) my husband David is a massive Spurs fan! He has a season ticket and he set off tonight for the first home match of the season with that eternal optimism that appears this time every year! So as I prepare myself for an exciting meal for one tonight, I got to thinking about my life as a Spurs widow and have come up with a list of rules for anyone who may find themselves in a similar situation if they are (un?)fortunate enough to bag themselves a Spurs obsessed partner!

1. If they are lucky enough to have purchased the golden ticket that is a season pass, home matches will take precedence over pretty much any other event that you may have on the calendar, potentially including birthdays, weddings, christenings, etc.

2. If they do decide to forgo a match for a particular event you must be suitably grateful and understand the massive sacrifice they have made for you!

3. Get a Saturday hobby, I find shopping works for me, as most weekends you will be left to fend for yourself.

4. Always, always, always find out the result of the match before he phones you so you can answer in a suitable tone of voice.

5. NEVER EVER say ‘oh well it’s only a game’.

6. When matches are watched on the TV at home remove children, grandparents and anyone else who may be easily offended or injured by flying remotes!

7. Do not allow your family and friends to send joking emails or texts to your partner if the result has not gone his way.

8. Never mention that other North London team or buy anything red!

9. Understand that on transfer deadline days the TV is not yours and you will not see your partner again until some unearthly hour of the morning.

10. Finally, practice your disappointed/sympathetic face as unfortunately you tend to need it quite a bit!

And on that note, I’d better go and check the score!


Facebook Guinea Pig! August 24, 2011

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So now I have my new iPad I thought I’d go back to using the Facebook website, as there is yet no iPad app, only to discover that something very strange has happened to Facebook! My news feed is all jumbled up and been replaced by something called ‘highlights’ – although how or why these particular posts are deemed highlights is beyond me and I don’t seem to have any say in the matter!

In attempting to get the live feed back to normal I discovered that somehow I have been chosen for some kind of random Facebook experiment where they select a small number of users to trial potential changes! So I’m sure I should feel honoured to have been selected but I don’t like the changes! So please Mr Zuckerberg put my Facebook back to normal or, better still, bring out the iPad app pronto!


The best husband ever!!! August 23, 2011

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So David was off to Southend for work today and he says “I might bring you back a present! Ooh goody – maybe a stick of rock or a kiss me quick cap for me then! But he comes home with the best present in the world ever – my very own iPad with a pretty pink cover! (No he didn’t buy it from a dodgy guy at the end of the pier, he stopped off at an Apple store!!)

Am more excited than there are words for – so excited in fact that I have completely forgotten to have any dinner! I should explain that I am already a certified iPhone addict, can’t last more than a few minutes without looking at something on my shiny white box of joy and now there can be no end to my obsession!! Hours of fun/time wasting will now be had!!

That is all I’m going to say for today as, quite frankly, I now have far too many exciting things to look at!!!


I’ll never make it as a Pussycat Doll!! August 22, 2011

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Zumba class tonight and we had a different instructor who thought it would be a good idea to turn all the lights in the studio on to full blast!! I found this most upsetting as I was now faced with the stark reality of my reflection in the mirror and I have had to conclude that I’ll never make it as a Pussycat Doll!! Unfortunately I am neither graceful nor sexy but in actual fact resemble a cross between Bambi and a demented bumblebee!!

Oh and a note to the instructor for next time – it is not 1990 and we are not in a boy band or Michael Jackson impersonators so there is absolutely no necessity for any more moves containing crotch grabbing!!


My Diva Daughter August 21, 2011

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I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open so this blog post will be short and not particularly sweet!

My main concern is that I seem to be breeding some kind of mini Diva! Roxy is three months old now and for those of you don’t know her first three months were like some kind of endurance test/torture trials! But then we found cranial osteopathy which changed our lives!!! The magic lady absolutely transformed Roxy and turned her into such a happy, contented little girl! So for a couple of weeks we were spoilt but now I am beginning to see a diva emerging!! Her latest idea is that if she’s bored or doesn’t think she’s getting enough attention she has now taken to squealing at the top of her voice – quite sweet and amusing for about 30 seconds until your ears start to bleed! Also today she has insisted on being held at all times and it’s not enough just to hold her, she must also be rocked/bounced/swayed in some manner or she’ll start crying and/or squealing! We met up with some of her baby friends from our NCT group and I have discovered that she is now officially the only baby to still be feeding every 3 hours all through the night! Please tell me there is someone else in the world who had a baby of 15 weeks that still didn’t sleep through the night? Actually, don’t tell me – I’m too scared of horror stories of this happening for the next 2 years or something!

Right time to go and start the night shift!!