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Man Shopping & X Factor Boycott August 20, 2011

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So I am finally starting my blog after procastinating about it for far too long and as bad luck (or bad planning) would have it I am starting blogging on a day where nothing particularly interesting has happened! Hmmm good start Rach! OK bear with me as these are the topics currently on my mind:

Man Shopping

So David needs new clothes much to my excitement as shopping for my own clothes is not happening now until I drop back to my pre-pregnancy size! After some persuasion on my part he reluctantly agreed to go to Milton Keynes but on the condition that we do ‘man-style’ shopping only! After observing a day of Man Shopping these are the key elements as I understand them:

1. Man likes to shop early before centre gets full of irritating people that dawdle and hold him up.

2. Man will choose the shops to enter and those are the only shops that will be looked in.

3. The shopping pace is fast and if you can’t keep up you can’t come.

4. Man does not want shopping partner to suggest items to look at. If he does not pick them up they are not for him.

5. Man does not like to browse – get in, grab items, pay and get out.

6. Man does not like to try clothes on – if it is completely necessary it will be done as quickly as possible and time will not be wasted by showing the clothes to shopping partner.

7. Finally, Man Shopping can only be carried out with coffee in hand (as long as coffee shop does not take too long to make said coffee).

Now I have previously been known to spend 10 hours in a shopping centre browsing, comparing, trying on and finally, possibly, buying but I have to say that I really enjoyed my day of Man Shopping – there is something quite exciting about the pace that makes me feel like I’m in an episode of Supermarket Sweep. I may be a convert so watch this space!

X Factor B0ycott:

In less than one hour our TV screens will once again be attacked by X Factor for the next four months (I’m sure it starts earlier every year!) Now every year I tell myself I won’t watch it this time but then sure enough every year I am sucked right back in. But last year was the most infuriating year ever – ridiculous cat-fighting between the judges with pantomime style arguements, awful song choices and the ‘X Factor Stories’ are getting more and more far-fetched (you know what I mean “this song means so much to me because my sister’s, friend’s Auntie’s goldfish had it at her funeral” or “I really want to make it as a singer as I have an ingrown toenail on my left foot and singing is the only thing that helps me through the pain”!)

So I promised myself that this year instead of wasting about 10 hours of my life every Saturday and Sunday night cringing and wanting to throw things at the TV I would actually stay strong and follow through with my boycott. Here’s hoping….


2 Responses to “Man Shopping & X Factor Boycott”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    There is not a hope in hell you have the will to boycott the entire series! I bet you … ooh … at least two vodka, lemonade and limes … xxx

  2. Nicola Says:

    With little Roxy in tow, Man Style Shopping might be the future for you! xx

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