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My Diva Daughter August 21, 2011

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I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open so this blog post will be short and not particularly sweet!

My main concern is that I seem to be breeding some kind of mini Diva! Roxy is three months old now and for those of you don’t know her first three months were like some kind of endurance test/torture trials! But then we found cranial osteopathy which changed our lives!!! The magic lady absolutely transformed Roxy and turned her into such a happy, contented little girl! So for a couple of weeks we were spoilt but now I am beginning to see a diva emerging!! Her latest idea is that if she’s bored or doesn’t think she’s getting enough attention she has now taken to squealing at the top of her voice – quite sweet and amusing for about 30 seconds until your ears start to bleed! Also today she has insisted on being held at all times and it’s not enough just to hold her, she must also be rocked/bounced/swayed in some manner or she’ll start crying and/or squealing! We met up with some of her baby friends from our NCT group and I have discovered that she is now officially the only baby to still be feeding every 3 hours all through the night! Please tell me there is someone else in the world who had a baby of 15 weeks that still didn’t sleep through the night? Actually, don’t tell me – I’m too scared of horror stories of this happening for the next 2 years or something!

Right time to go and start the night shift!!


One Response to “My Diva Daughter”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    You KNOW you don’t want my response to this… but no, you are definitely not alone! xxx

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