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The best husband ever!!! August 23, 2011

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So David was off to Southend for work today and he says “I might bring you back a present! Ooh goody – maybe a stick of rock or a kiss me quick cap for me then! But he comes home with the best present in the world ever – my very own iPad with a pretty pink cover! (No he didn’t buy it from a dodgy guy at the end of the pier, he stopped off at an Apple store!!)

Am more excited than there are words for – so excited in fact that I have completely forgotten to have any dinner! I should explain that I am already a certified iPhone addict, can’t last more than a few minutes without looking at something on my shiny white box of joy and now there can be no end to my obsession!! Hours of fun/time wasting will now be had!!

That is all I’m going to say for today as, quite frankly, I now have far too many exciting things to look at!!!


3 Responses to “The best husband ever!!!”

  1. L.B.Bro Says:

    Very jealous, am in London, may have to stop at Apple Store! Which model have you got and is it 3G or Wifi only?

  2. KiwiAnna Says:

    Oh awesome! What a fantastic hubby you do have!! Enjoy your new gadget! xx

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