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The life of a Spurs widow! August 25, 2011

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For anyone in the World who doesn’t know this, (Unlikely!) my husband David is a massive Spurs fan! He has a season ticket and he set off tonight for the first home match of the season with that eternal optimism that appears this time every year! So as I prepare myself for an exciting meal for one tonight, I got to thinking about my life as a Spurs widow and have come up with a list of rules for anyone who may find themselves in a similar situation if they are (un?)fortunate enough to bag themselves a Spurs obsessed partner!

1. If they are lucky enough to have purchased the golden ticket that is a season pass, home matches will take precedence over pretty much any other event that you may have on the calendar, potentially including birthdays, weddings, christenings, etc.

2. If they do decide to forgo a match for a particular event you must be suitably grateful and understand the massive sacrifice they have made for you!

3. Get a Saturday hobby, I find shopping works for me, as most weekends you will be left to fend for yourself.

4. Always, always, always find out the result of the match before he phones you so you can answer in a suitable tone of voice.

5. NEVER EVER say ‘oh well it’s only a game’.

6. When matches are watched on the TV at home remove children, grandparents and anyone else who may be easily offended or injured by flying remotes!

7. Do not allow your family and friends to send joking emails or texts to your partner if the result has not gone his way.

8. Never mention that other North London team or buy anything red!

9. Understand that on transfer deadline days the TV is not yours and you will not see your partner again until some unearthly hour of the morning.

10. Finally, practice your disappointed/sympathetic face as unfortunately you tend to need it quite a bit!

And on that note, I’d better go and check the score!


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