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Everything including the kitchen sink! August 28, 2011

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We are soon to head off on our first holiday with Roxy and so begins the mammoth task of packing for a baby! After writing a list the length of a small novel just for the things we’d need for Roxy I was starting to get a bit daunted by the amount of stuff we would need to try and fit in the car!

How is it possible that someone so small needs so much stuff! Although I say ‘needs’ but let’s be honest, probably 75% of what I’m packing are the ‘just in case’ items from a paranoid new mum! For just a week in France it is unlikely that Roxy will ‘need’ three different weights of blanket, three different types of sleeping bag, four pairs of shoes, 10 sachets of Calpol…… You get the picture!

I am somewhat disappointed though that Roxy appears to have more clothes than me already at the age of 3 months!

Getting everything ready for the holiday is a bit of a military operation – you hold the baby, I’ll pack this bag, now I’ll hold the baby and you attempt to force the bag into the already full boot of the car!

And to top it all off as I was hoovering the house to make sure it’s tidy for potential burglars/squatters and packing the emergency toilet roll I suddenly stopped to wonder exactly when it was I turned into my Mother!!


2 Responses to “Everything including the kitchen sink!”

  1. MrsBellers Says:

    It’s madness how much luggage you have to lug about for a little one- even if its just for a weekend! We went away for a long weekend a couple of months back and the car was rammed! I have always said to hub if we go abroad we go by ferry no way am I paying all that extra luggage allowance as I like you like to take the just incase things- better safe than sorry! Have a fun holiday and take loads of snaps espc if its his first!

  2. Clare Says:

    When does the “I’ll take that just in case” stop, I still do it! and that’s just for me. Yes I also tidy up before I leave.
    Have a fantastic holiday with your gorgeous little girl. Lots of love.x

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