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Baby teenage tantrums! September 23, 2011

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I’m pretty sure that my four month old daughter is having proper full-on teenage strops this week! She is clearly in a mood with me as when faced with time alone with Mummy she is crying, fidgeting, squealing, squirming but is all smiles and laughs for Daddy, Grandma and, come to think of it, the postman, the window cleaner, random strangers in town…. so clearly anyone but me!!!

She has also got some kind of secret conspiracy going with her Dad whereby she gives him a little smirk as he walks out the door and then 2 minutes later does a massive poo for me to have to deal with! It’s happened like this so many times that it can’t be a coincidence!!

I have put Roxy’s stroppy mood down to one of two things that have happened this week that she obviously can’t forgive me for!

1. I had to take her for her immunisations where she was brutally stabbed not once, not twice, but three times with a needle that is practically the same length as her entire leg! The expression that she gave me as the nurse put the needle in was heartbreaking – as if to say “why are you letting this woman attack me Mummy, do something about it!!” Then the blood curdling scream that followed was enough to reduce me to tears myself!

2. We went to Roxy’s swimming lessson and I decided that this was the week to try dunking her under the water!! As she came back up her expression was much the same as the one she had given me during her jabs!

So please forgive me Roxy! I meant you no harm, I’m just trying to stop you catching any diseases and build up your confidence and safety in the water!!

What a week! Hence the reason I am already in bed at 8pm on a Friday night!!!!


Mummy, you’re boring me! September 15, 2011

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So I have come to the conclusion that my four month old daughter clearly just finds me boring! When faced with a day at home with Mummy I can literally see her roll her eyes and let out a big sigh. I can’t seem to keep Roxy enterained for more than about 20 minutes despite having all the toys under the sun and leaping about like a children’s TV presenter on speed! However, as soon as I take her out anywhere – to someone else’s house, for a walk, to a baby group (more on those laer!) she is like a model baby! She’ll happily sit calmly on my lap whilst perfecting her best smiles and giggles on anyone who cares to look her way!

Those who know me know that I fancy myself as a bit of an actress, ok more like a drama queen! So It’s somewhat upsetting that some of my best work is going so unappreciated on Roxanna, who is clearly the Simon Cowell of the baby world!

I feel that I now have to find somewhere to go, something to do every single day to keep my mini diva entertained which leads me to the scary world of baby groups! I have previously dipped my toe into this world by venturing down to my local children’s centre on the odd occasion that Roxy had been awake and not hungry or crying but now I look into all the various groups out there it’s a bit of a minefield! There are rhyme times, toddler groups, stay and plays, bumps and babes, singing classes, swimming lessons, music sessions, drama groups, messy play, baby sensory, baby signing, baby yoga, baby gym, etc. etc. etc….. Where to even begin!?!? Each class claiming to make your baby in to some kind of sociable genius, it’s a wonder any of us ever learned to speak or read without any of these classes!

The other issue with all these groups and classes is the parent cliques, I feel a little bit like I have gone back to school when I walk into one of these groups! Which parents will talk to you, which parents am I allowed to approach, how do I make it into the cool gang?!? Now there is clearly some kind of hierarchy to the local parents and I need to work out where I fit into it. I think the ones at the top are the ones whose babies are older, they’ve put their time in to the groups and staked their places. Then there are the keen beans who go to every single group that they can fit into their week and they will happily tell you all about the different groups – which ones are good, which ones to avoid, etc. The parents who have been coming to the groups for months have all formed an alliance and I think you need to go through some kind of initiation to be allowed in to the gang! I am clearly the new kid in class, the Foreign exchange student if you will, who needs to put in the hours and be taught the ways of the baby groups, then maybe, just maybe, I can stay and play!!



All Things Strictly September 11, 2011

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It’s my favourite time of the year when Strictly Come Dancing hits our screens again and for the next three months I can once more become obsessed with all things Strictly! This is a totally indulgent blog post mainly for my friend and fellow Strictly geek, wait should that be Streek!? Yes, so my fellow Streek is away in France and therefore missed last night’s launch show, so this is mainly for her and if you’re not interested in Strictly then stop reading now as this will be incredibly dull for you!

Firstly, I have to say that I was pretty impressed with this year’s celebrity line-up. Most years I find myself saying “Who?” to at least a third of the so-called celebrities but I don’t think there were any this year that I didn’t know so we’re off to a good start for this series. The only dubious ‘celebrity’ is Nancy Dell’olio but I’ll let that slide. My initial predictions on who I think will do well are Holly Valance, Harry from McFly, Robbie Savage and Chelsee Healey. Oh, and I think Lulu and Anita Dobson will probably be pretty good too. Impressed that they’ve got Jason Donovan this year – he was my absolute childhood idol but judging by his performance in the group dance I’m pretty sure he’s gonna be rubbish!

I feel I need to send a message to the Strictly script writers – Bruce Forsyth is actually quite funny when left to his own devices so please, please, please stop writing jokes from him that you found in ten year old crackers.

So the celebs and the pro dancers are all looking shiny and sparkly, sequined up to their eyeballs but a word to the wardrobe department: if you want Chelsee Healey to remain decent when she dances and not give Pasha two black eyes you’re gonna need to find an outfit that’s a bit more supportive next time – blimey!! Although it might be a way for me to get my husband to watch Strictly with me!

Speaking of the wardrobe department, I think Tess must have bought them all presents this year as her outfit last night actually looked really good! In previous series she has come out in such unflattering frocks that I was sure the wardrobe department must hate her!

So clearly Russell Grant is this year’s John Sargeant/Anne Widdecombe – poor Flavia! Couldn’t believe he said he’d lost 10 stone!! How big must he have been before? Probably the weight of about 10 Flavias!

I have one criticism about Strictly – it’s a big, popular show but why can’t they get better guest performers!? X Factor get the likes of Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas, even Justin Bieber and who performs on the big launch show for SCD? Dolly Parton!!! Also, I think someone forgot to tell her it wasn’t fancy dress night!

I’m loving the cheesy dance-walks that the pro dancers have to do to meet their partners. I wonder how long they have to practice in the mirror to perfect their “I’m so pleased with who I’ve been partnered with even though I’m going to get my feet trodden on ten thousand times and haven’t now got a hope in hell of making it past week three” face!?! I think Artem needs to work on his though as when he thought he’d been partnered with Edwina Currie the disappointment on his face was hilarious. He looked like the cat that got the cream though when he got Holly Valance!

Judging by the absolute carnage that was the group dance, I think all the pro dancers have really got their work cut out for them now!

So here we go for another series, let’s hope this is the year I finally win tickets in the ballot!!



Thank goodness for online grocery shopping! September 6, 2011

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Since having a baby I am a total convert to online grocery shopping as the thought of a trip to the supermarket with Roxy in tow fills me with an emotion somewhere on the spectrum between mild panic and sheer terror!

Having returned from holiday late last night and not having had the foresight or organisation to book a food delivery for our return, I was faced with the reality that I was going to have to go to the supermarket!

So why is it so bad to go to the supermarket with a baby? Well it begins with the odious task of finding a suitable trolley! Call me a snob if you like but I don’t like the idea of putting Roxy into one of those plastic trolley seats where who knows what children have done what in! So it leaves me with two options: 1. Take Roxy in her pram – problem with this is you can only buy whatever you can fit in a basket and if you end up buying more you have to put on your best innocent expression as you place stuff under the buggy and hope that you remember to get everything out to put through the check out! Or 2. Find one of the crazy hybrid trolleys that you can attach your car seat on to!

I had to go with the second option today – now all trolleys are pretty tricky to manoeuvre at the best of times but I think you need some kind of advanced driving test to manage one of these crazy contraptions! They absolutely have a mind of their own as to which direction they want to go in and I think I must look like some kind of crazy person as I have to constantly lean from side to side to see round the car seat in order not to run down any stray small children in my path. also, I know I’m not the tallest person in the World but I’m no midget either and in order to be able to actually see my child in the trolley throne I have to stand on tiptoes!

So that’s the first issue with shopping with a baby but the main problem Is that Roxy always seems to be wide awake when I arrive at the supermarket so I know I’ve only got a very limited amount of time before she decides she’s had enough and starts wailing at the top of her lungs and having some kind of tantrum! So I have to do the shop at break neck speed which can have two outcomes – 1. A genius speed shop where you grab all the things you need plus some fantastic impulse buys or 2. Most likely, food is grabbed in a panic so you manage to only remember about two thirds of what you actually needed and you end up with some completely useless impulse buys, for example – ooh lovely, Chicken Tonight sauces on special offer but forget to actually buy any chicken to put it on!

I was lucky enough today to make it all the way to the checkout before Roxy started grizzling like a Gremlin so I do deem it a success but I’m so thankful for the kind Tescos man who normally brings my shopping so please come back next time!!



Holidaying with a difference! September 3, 2011

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As we come towards the end of our week’s holiday in France, I’m thinking about how different our holidays are now with a four month old baby in tow! Those of you reading my blog regularly will have probably come to realise how much I enjoy lists, so here’s another for you – the main differences between our holidays pre and post becoming parents:

1. Mornings!

I never have, and probably never will be, a morning person which makes getting up at such unearthly hours a pretty tricky part of being a mum, but somehow on holiday it feels even earlier, despite the hour’s time difference practically giving us a lie in! At 8.15am on previous holidays I would have without a doubt been fast asleep for at least another two hours, but now I am walking around the campsite pushing Roxy in her pram to try and get her back to sleep for her first nap of the day after already having been awake for an hour and a half!

2. Going out for dinner

Gone now are long evenings lingering over three courses of yummy food and bottles of wine, now we choose a restaurant based on four factors: how quickly they can serve our food in case Roxy starts screaming the place down, is it too hot/too cold (if only babies came with an inbuilt thermometer on their heads!), is it too noisy and is anyone smoking close by! If any restaurant does happen to meet our exacting criteria then we get in, order, eat, pay and leave in a speedy blur whilst rocking the pram back and forth the whole time in an attempt to at least keep Roxy quiet! After a couple of days we deduced that she’s enjoying her holiday far too much to want to sleep and miss any moment of it so we decided cooking meals at the caravan was a much less stressful solution!

I also used to spend a nice long time in the evenings getting dressed and doing my hair and make-up before going out for dinner but now I’m just grateful if I’m not still wearing my swimming costume come the evening and my hairdryer and straighteners haven’t even come out of the case!

3. Swimming

Now neither David or I have ever been particularly competent swimmers, preferring to splash around for a short while in the shallow end just to cool down. Having never taken Roxanna swimming before we were unsure what she would make of it but it turns out this part of our holidays remains mainly unchanged. We are still trying to work out whether Roxy actually enjoys swimming or not! She has developed what we like to call her ‘swimming face’ which is an incredibly serious expression and complete silence whilst she seems to take in her surroundings and weigh up the possible risks involved!

4. Timings

Holidaying with a baby seems to need to run with military precision when it comes to timing your activities! Once Roxy has woken up from a nap, been fed and had her nappy changed we then seem to have about 17 minutes before she starts getting grouchy again so if we want to go to the beach or pool we have to go NOW and we have to be QUICK!! For example, a trip to the beach would have once consisted of a long lazy day of sunbathing on the sand and splashing in and out of the waves. But now we load up the pram like a packhorse with everything we could possibly need, walk the 10 mins to the sea front with Roxy happily cooing away in the pram. Then carefully but with some difficulty we lift the pram and all the other baby paraphernalia across the beach to a suitable spot only to discover that by now Roxy has decided that she’s had enough so if we’re lucky we can run down to the water’s edge to splash our feet in the sea for a minute or two then carry out the journey again in reverse but this time with Roxy crying in the pram the whole way back!

5. Temperature obsession!

When a holiday is getting close, we’ve all done it – studied the weather forecast to see how lovely and hot it will be in our chosen location! Now, however, the temperature has a whole new meaning – is the caravan too hot in the day, is it too cold at night?!? In the morning it’s overcast and we think it’s maybe too cold for swimming, so we wait till later and then the sun comes out and is it now too hot?!? Aaaaaargh!!!

So there you have it – that’s about the gist of our first family holiday. Very different – crazy, exhausting but really fun and special too, bring on the next one!!20110903-184948.jpg