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Thank goodness for online grocery shopping! September 6, 2011

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Since having a baby I am a total convert to online grocery shopping as the thought of a trip to the supermarket with Roxy in tow fills me with an emotion somewhere on the spectrum between mild panic and sheer terror!

Having returned from holiday late last night and not having had the foresight or organisation to book a food delivery for our return, I was faced with the reality that I was going to have to go to the supermarket!

So why is it so bad to go to the supermarket with a baby? Well it begins with the odious task of finding a suitable trolley! Call me a snob if you like but I don’t like the idea of putting Roxy into one of those plastic trolley seats where who knows what children have done what in! So it leaves me with two options: 1. Take Roxy in her pram – problem with this is you can only buy whatever you can fit in a basket and if you end up buying more you have to put on your best innocent expression as you place stuff under the buggy and hope that you remember to get everything out to put through the check out! Or 2. Find one of the crazy hybrid trolleys that you can attach your car seat on to!

I had to go with the second option today – now all trolleys are pretty tricky to manoeuvre at the best of times but I think you need some kind of advanced driving test to manage one of these crazy contraptions! They absolutely have a mind of their own as to which direction they want to go in and I think I must look like some kind of crazy person as I have to constantly lean from side to side to see round the car seat in order not to run down any stray small children in my path. also, I know I’m not the tallest person in the World but I’m no midget either and in order to be able to actually see my child in the trolley throne I have to stand on tiptoes!

So that’s the first issue with shopping with a baby but the main problem Is that Roxy always seems to be wide awake when I arrive at the supermarket so I know I’ve only got a very limited amount of time before she decides she’s had enough and starts wailing at the top of her lungs and having some kind of tantrum! So I have to do the shop at break neck speed which can have two outcomes – 1. A genius speed shop where you grab all the things you need plus some fantastic impulse buys or 2. Most likely, food is grabbed in a panic so you manage to only remember about two thirds of what you actually needed and you end up with some completely useless impulse buys, for example – ooh lovely, Chicken Tonight sauces on special offer but forget to actually buy any chicken to put it on!

I was lucky enough today to make it all the way to the checkout before Roxy started grizzling like a Gremlin so I do deem it a success but I’m so thankful for the kind Tescos man who normally brings my shopping so please come back next time!!



2 Responses to “Thank goodness for online grocery shopping!”

  1. Cathy Says:

    Fantastic! I avoid shopping in ‘real life’ supermarkets for exactly this reason. I have two children now though and having to step foot inside a supermarket has actually become a real fear. Nightmare. Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one that feels like this! Cathy

    • No Cathy you’re definitely not the only one! And what’s worse is when you get to the checkout with a screaming baby in the trolley and the shop assistant makes some really helpful comment like “oh dear, she’s not very happy!” no kidding!?!!

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