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All Things Strictly September 11, 2011

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It’s my favourite time of the year when Strictly Come Dancing hits our screens again and for the next three months I can once more become obsessed with all things Strictly! This is a totally indulgent blog post mainly for my friend and fellow Strictly geek, wait should that be Streek!? Yes, so my fellow Streek is away in France and therefore missed last night’s launch show, so this is mainly for her and if you’re not interested in Strictly then stop reading now as this will be incredibly dull for you!

Firstly, I have to say that I was pretty impressed with this year’s celebrity line-up. Most years I find myself saying “Who?” to at least a third of the so-called celebrities but I don’t think there were any this year that I didn’t know so we’re off to a good start for this series. The only dubious ‘celebrity’ is Nancy Dell’olio but I’ll let that slide. My initial predictions on who I think will do well are Holly Valance, Harry from McFly, Robbie Savage and Chelsee Healey. Oh, and I think Lulu and Anita Dobson will probably be pretty good too. Impressed that they’ve got Jason Donovan this year – he was my absolute childhood idol but judging by his performance in the group dance I’m pretty sure he’s gonna be rubbish!

I feel I need to send a message to the Strictly script writers – Bruce Forsyth is actually quite funny when left to his own devices so please, please, please stop writing jokes from him that you found in ten year old crackers.

So the celebs and the pro dancers are all looking shiny and sparkly, sequined up to their eyeballs but a word to the wardrobe department: if you want Chelsee Healey to remain decent when she dances and not give Pasha two black eyes you’re gonna need to find an outfit that’s a bit more supportive next time – blimey!! Although it might be a way for me to get my husband to watch Strictly with me!

Speaking of the wardrobe department, I think Tess must have bought them all presents this year as her outfit last night actually looked really good! In previous series she has come out in such unflattering frocks that I was sure the wardrobe department must hate her!

So clearly Russell Grant is this year’s John Sargeant/Anne Widdecombe – poor Flavia! Couldn’t believe he said he’d lost 10 stone!! How big must he have been before? Probably the weight of about 10 Flavias!

I have one criticism about Strictly – it’s a big, popular show but why can’t they get better guest performers!? X Factor get the likes of Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas, even Justin Bieber and who performs on the big launch show for SCD? Dolly Parton!!! Also, I think someone forgot to tell her it wasn’t fancy dress night!

I’m loving the cheesy dance-walks that the pro dancers have to do to meet their partners. I wonder how long they have to practice in the mirror to perfect their “I’m so pleased with who I’ve been partnered with even though I’m going to get my feet trodden on ten thousand times and haven’t now got a hope in hell of making it past week three” face!?! I think Artem needs to work on his though as when he thought he’d been partnered with Edwina Currie the disappointment on his face was hilarious. He looked like the cat that got the cream though when he got Holly Valance!

Judging by the absolute carnage that was the group dance, I think all the pro dancers have really got their work cut out for them now!

So here we go for another series, let’s hope this is the year I finally win tickets in the ballot!!



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