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Mummy, you’re boring me! September 15, 2011

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So I have come to the conclusion that my four month old daughter clearly just finds me boring! When faced with a day at home with Mummy I can literally see her roll her eyes and let out a big sigh. I can’t seem to keep Roxy enterained for more than about 20 minutes despite having all the toys under the sun and leaping about like a children’s TV presenter on speed! However, as soon as I take her out anywhere – to someone else’s house, for a walk, to a baby group (more on those laer!) she is like a model baby! She’ll happily sit calmly on my lap whilst perfecting her best smiles and giggles on anyone who cares to look her way!

Those who know me know that I fancy myself as a bit of an actress, ok more like a drama queen! So It’s somewhat upsetting that some of my best work is going so unappreciated on Roxanna, who is clearly the Simon Cowell of the baby world!

I feel that I now have to find somewhere to go, something to do every single day to keep my mini diva entertained which leads me to the scary world of baby groups! I have previously dipped my toe into this world by venturing down to my local children’s centre on the odd occasion that Roxy had been awake and not hungry or crying but now I look into all the various groups out there it’s a bit of a minefield! There are rhyme times, toddler groups, stay and plays, bumps and babes, singing classes, swimming lessons, music sessions, drama groups, messy play, baby sensory, baby signing, baby yoga, baby gym, etc. etc. etc….. Where to even begin!?!? Each class claiming to make your baby in to some kind of sociable genius, it’s a wonder any of us ever learned to speak or read without any of these classes!

The other issue with all these groups and classes is the parent cliques, I feel a little bit like I have gone back to school when I walk into one of these groups! Which parents will talk to you, which parents am I allowed to approach, how do I make it into the cool gang?!? Now there is clearly some kind of hierarchy to the local parents and I need to work out where I fit into it. I think the ones at the top are the ones whose babies are older, they’ve put their time in to the groups and staked their places. Then there are the keen beans who go to every single group that they can fit into their week and they will happily tell you all about the different groups – which ones are good, which ones to avoid, etc. The parents who have been coming to the groups for months have all formed an alliance and I think you need to go through some kind of initiation to be allowed in to the gang! I am clearly the new kid in class, the Foreign exchange student if you will, who needs to put in the hours and be taught the ways of the baby groups, then maybe, just maybe, I can stay and play!!



One Response to “Mummy, you’re boring me!”

  1. Nicola Says:

    Can’t you get your own gang together to bust into these groups? Where are all of your NCT buddies going?

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