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Baby teenage tantrums! September 23, 2011

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I’m pretty sure that my four month old daughter is having proper full-on teenage strops this week! She is clearly in a mood with me as when faced with time alone with Mummy she is crying, fidgeting, squealing, squirming but is all smiles and laughs for Daddy, Grandma and, come to think of it, the postman, the window cleaner, random strangers in town…. so clearly anyone but me!!!

She has also got some kind of secret conspiracy going with her Dad whereby she gives him a little smirk as he walks out the door and then 2 minutes later does a massive poo for me to have to deal with! It’s happened like this so many times that it can’t be a coincidence!!

I have put Roxy’s stroppy mood down to one of two things that have happened this week that she obviously can’t forgive me for!

1. I had to take her for her immunisations where she was brutally stabbed not once, not twice, but three times with a needle that is practically the same length as her entire leg! The expression that she gave me as the nurse put the needle in was heartbreaking – as if to say “why are you letting this woman attack me Mummy, do something about it!!” Then the blood curdling scream that followed was enough to reduce me to tears myself!

2. We went to Roxy’s swimming lessson and I decided that this was the week to try dunking her under the water!! As she came back up her expression was much the same as the one she had given me during her jabs!

So please forgive me Roxy! I meant you no harm, I’m just trying to stop you catching any diseases and build up your confidence and safety in the water!!

What a week! Hence the reason I am already in bed at 8pm on a Friday night!!!!


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