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How times have changed!! June 23, 2012

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Yeah, yeah it’s been months since I last blogged I know, but I’m back with my favourite subject – family holidays!

So we are spending the night tonight at a hotel in Dover so we can get the ferry to France tomorrow morning and it has struck me just how much our life has changed in the last year!

So we arrive about 3.30pm and have a couple of hours to kill before Roxy’s tea time. Previously this could have easily been filled with a trip to the pub for a nice drink/chill out in front of tv in the hotel room/a nice walk along the sea front but these are not to be with a ridiculously energetic one year old who has about a 30 second attention span!!! We opted for a walk – an interesting choice because a) sorry to anyone who lives here but Dover is in fact a bit of a dive! And b) Roxy really does not want to be in her buggy anymore. She’s so desperate to get out and walk, which would be absolutely fine if this was a motor skill she was actually capable of but sadly not yet! So we attempt to allay her frustrations by passing her random items to look at/play with which keep her interest for about 30 seconds then proceed to be tossed out the buggy with an accompanying scream and a failed attempt to escape from her buggy straps!!

Lovely picturesque/relaxing walk over, is it back to the hotel for showers and getting dressed up to go somewhere nice for dinner!?!?? Er, no! It’s head to the restaurant in the hotel for a 5.30 quick meal only to discover the restaurant’s not even open yet! How depressing is that!?! So, bar meals it is then! Fish fingers mostly thrown on the bar floor it’s back to the room to put Roxy to bed! Now this is easier said than done as Roxy’s cot is about one metre away from where we are sat on the bed! Is she just going to lay down nicely and go to sleep? Yeah right!! After about half hour of Roxy hanging over the side of the cot squealing at us I decided there was nothing else for it but to send David down to the bar to watch the football and decamp myself to the bathroom!

So I write this post while sat on a pillow on the bathroom floor listening to Roxy chatting away to herself wondering where on earth my old life went!!



One Response to “How times have changed!!”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    And these are all the reasons why I love you šŸ˜‰ Have a fabulous time, when do you get back? Am hoping you might be free at some point on Sat 7 July … will text you! xxx

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