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Roxy, Roxy, quite contrary! August 28, 2013

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So this week in Letchworth town centre they’ve got an ‘urban beach’! (Basically a giant sandpit with deck chairs round the side). Great idea, I thought, to while away some more of these never ending days before all Roxy’s groups and classes start back again after summer. So we arranged to meet up with some friends and spend the morning down at the beach!

After about 5 minutes (before any of our friends have even arrived) Roxy declares ‘Mummy, I have finished at the seaside’! Great! So I proceed to spend the next hour trying my best distraction techniques and ignoring the regular interruptions of ‘I have finished Mummy’. Eventually this turned in to the oh so familiar refrains of ‘I’m hungry’ and ‘I go home’

Admitting defeat, I give in and agree that we can go home for some lunch.

We arrive home and I say ‘right I’ll make some lunch then shall I?’

‘No mummy, I don’t want lunch’

‘What do you want then?’

‘Can I play in my sandpit?’


An hour later, we still haven’t had lunch and Roxy is still playing in her 1 metre square sandpit!!!


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