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Five frustrating things about toddlers! January 16, 2014

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I thought I’d kick off my blog again in 2014 with one of my favourite types of entry – a list!!

I’m currently lying down semi-comatose in a darkened room after another funny/exhausting/wonderful/exasperating long day spent with my two year old so I thought I’d delight bore you all with a list of my five frustrating things about toddlers:

1. Obsessional behaviour

For some strange reason toddlers (well my particular toddler anyway!) can only seem able to like one thing at a time. This relates to what they play with, what they watch, read, eat, sing, etc, etc…. Which means that you are forced to endure watching the same mind numbingly boring episode of Thomas the tank engine over and over again until you are driven half mad and then all of a sudden a new obsession will take over. Anyone for the first 15 minutes of Annie on continual repeat?!?! No, thought not! You’ll also have to read the same book many, many times in a row to the point where not only do you know every word off by heart but the small person will also start to correct you if, heaven forbid, you accidentally get one of those words wrong! The most frustrating part of the obsessional behaviour is all those wonderful toys you lovingly and carefully picked out for them and spent days wrapping up for Christmas will just sit on the shelf for the forseeable future because for now if it doesn’t look like a train it is dead to her!!

2. Eating habits (or lack thereof!)

Urgh the dreaded toddler mealtimes and all the stresses that go with them!! They’re eating too much, they won’t eat at all, they won’t sit in a high chair, can’t use cuttlery properly, refuse foods they normally love, scoff food they’ve refused for two years, throw food on the floor, spill their drinks in their dinner, and so on and so on and so on………

3. All the many, so many, questions

I have to admit that a few weeks ago I was feeling quite smug as I thought I’d somehow managed to avoid the incessant why after why after why phase but unfortunately it has now kicked in with a vengeance! Before I had Roxanna I couldn’t even begin to imagine just how many questions I would be rerquired to answer in any given day. I’m beginning to feel like I’m on some sort of quiz show. Also, if my answer does not seem to be satisfactory, the questions will just continue until she has found an answer that suits her. I am starting to believe that toddlers are actually some sort of little geniuses who do in fact know all the answers to all the questions and are therefore silently grading us on our responses and will sometime in the future pull out a 20 page excel spreadsheet on all our incorrect ideas! This frightening thought was further compunded today when I gave what I thought was a fairly adequate response to one of the quiz questions only for Roxanna to turn to me with raised eyebrows and say “if you say so Mum”!!!!!

4. Their desperation to be grown up (big!) when it suits them

I think we must put way too much emphasis on the whole “wow, aren’t you a big girl” type comments as now Roxanna refuses to be acknowledged as anything other than big to the point where if you say something like “ah Roxy, you’re funny” she will turn to you in despair and say “no I’m not, I’m big”!!! And woe betide anyone who accidentally says something like “how’s my gorgeous little girl” as she will practically be in tears saying “I’m not little, I’m big!!” However, this I’m a big girl thing only works when they want it to. Case in point – I thought it might be time to attempt potty training (which will probably be a whole fascinating blog post all of it’s own!) so i built up the excitement of the whole big girl knickers thing until the realisation set in that I was actually taking the nappy away and full on tears and near to tantrum state ensued as she wanted her nappy back on. So, after she’d calmed down and I’d put the nappy back on (as clearly her willpower is stronger than mine!) I said I thought you were such a big girl now you were going to use the potty to which she replied “not yet Mummy, I’m not big enough yet”!!!!!

5. Selective comprehension

It’s funny how a seemingly intelligent and pretty articulate little person can sometimes seem to have lost all sense of comprehension if what you are saying doesn’t happen to suit them! E.g
Roxy: mummy can you come in the lounge
Me: No, I can’t right now honey, I’m making your dinner
Roxy: please can you come in the lounge
Me: that’s very polite but I still can’t as I’m still making your dinner
Roxy: please, please come in
Etc, etc, etc………

There is of course a footnote to this list of frustrations and that is one final frustration – that they just grow too quickly! As much as I like to moan about these things, I wouldn’t change it for all the world and this is actually a hilarious and wonderful stage of their development. Sorry to be soppy, but I wouldn’t want anyone thinking I ever take this little miraculous little (sorry BIG!!) person for granted!!


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