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Summer holiday toddler survival guide! July 15, 2014

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Ok so the big six week holidays are looming and most parents I know view this fact with mixed feelings! We have a sense of relief at getting a break from constantly having to nag the kids to hurry up and get dressed/eat breakfast/leave the house every day but also a sense of dread at the thought of six whole weeks cooped up in the house with bored kids! As most of you know I have a three year old daughter and I naively thought this summer holiday phenomenon only occurred once your children actually started school but no, as parents of toddlers, come the end of July your whole weekly routine (and safety blanket) of toddler groups/preschool/swimming/music classes/etc. is whipped out from underneath you leaving you staring at weeks and weeks ahead of you with no daily activities to stimulate and excite your oh so demanding small person, no reliable set routines to keep their inner dictators in check and most importantly no time for us parents to get anything done whilst they’re happily occupied at preschool!

So, as I have absolutely no desire to spend six weeks sitting on the floor of the playroom playing trains and, let’s face it I’m a bit of a control freak, I have decided to tackle these holidays with a bit of a military operation! So far, I’ve designed a big chart with all the dates on so I can fill in when things are on and have also started a Pinterest board full of ideas of fab free activities you can do with the kids. So here’s the good news for all local parents out there, I’ve decided to keep this blog going over the summer as much as possible and I’ll be letting you know of anything I hear about that’s going on and reviewing all the places I go/activities we do. Please feel free to forward the blogs on to any other parents out there and if you’ve got any activities going on that you want me to tell people about or come and review then just let me know.

Disclaimer: Apologies go out to all my non-parent friends while I hijack this blog for the next few weeks!!!


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