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Gulliver’s Land review August 16, 2014

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Last week we had a fantastic but exhausting day at Gulliver’s Land in Milton Keynes so I thought I’d pen a little review for you.

My friend and I took our 3 and 5 year old and they both absolutely loved it. There’s something for all ages but I would say that it’s really best suited for 3-7 year olds, any older than that they may find the rides a little tame and if they are shorter than 90cm there’s not all that many rides they can go on (under 90cms do however go free). Also good to bear in mind is that if your child is less than 120cm you will have to accompany them on most of the rides. This is fine as most of the rides are really fun just don’t talk to me about the teacups!!!

There’s absolutely loads of rides to keep the family entertained all day but the good thing is everything’s really close together so there’s not loads of walking to do. (It is really buggy friendly though if you have a little one or you can hire cool little cars to push them around!)

I recommend buying tickets online before you go. Not only are they cheaper but also saves you having to queue to get in. Tickets are pretty reasonable: £15 each regardless of adult/child (under 90cms go free). Bear in mind you do have to book these at least two days in advance to get this rate. There are also all inclusive tickets for £22 which we bought. They include entry to the park and lunch, drink, ice cream and £1 off in the shop. We thought these seemed like really good value but actually the food there is really cheap (makes a nice change!) so I’m not entirely convinced we got our money’s worth. I think if you’re planning on having big hot meals then it’s probably worth it but if you just want a sandwich then don’t bother. The kids lunch bags are only £2.85 and they get a good amount in them but all we got for our adult’s meal ticket was one little sandwich and a drink!

As for the rides themselves there was a really good selection of roller coasters, chair swings, pirate ship, log flume etc. and there weren’t loads of long queues either. I think the longest we waited for any ride was about 10 minutes which for the middle of the summer holidays is really good! The favourites in our group were the log flume, runaway train roller coaster and the pirate ship.

My three year old is a bit of a daredevil so it’s hard to tell but I think a few of the rides might be a bit scary for some 2-4 year olds even though they meet the height criteria.

The staff were all fantastic – we found everyone to be really friendly and good with the kids but also seemed thorough with all the safety and height checks.

If you need a break from the rides there are a few little playgrounds, a ball pit, a place called Gully’s town which has play shops, garages and cars, a castle which has a fairy tale academy and princess play area and a selection of little Western style two-storey play houses. If the weather’s not great, there’s also a couple of indoor play areas. We spent such a long time on the rides and we were lucky with a dry day that we didn’t actually get in to these but I think they were for under 5s.

During the day there were lots of dressed up characters walking round to keep the kids entertained and take photos with. I think these are possibly characters from Gulliver’s Travels but I’m ashamed to say I’ve never read it so I actually have no idea! Kids seemed to love them though!!

All in all it was a fantastic family day out for young kids and we’ll definitely be back. (They do some good themed events for Halloween and Christmas.) In fact, as we got in the car to drive home Roxy asked to come back again the next day!!



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