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Hungry Conker Caterpillars! October 2, 2014

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So it is apparently Autumn (despite this gorgeous sunny weather we’re having!) and Autumn means one important thing in my three year old’s World – conkers!! She absolutely loves collecting them and has now even taken to bringing home at least three conkers every single day from the tree at her nursery so we, quite literally, have conkers coming out of our ears!!

With this glut of conkers beginning to take over the house I’ve started to think of things we can actually do with them. So with a little help from Pinterest I came up with The Very Hungry Conker Caterpillar based on one of Roxy’s favourite books. If anyone else is suffering with excessive conker hoarding then I thought I’d share this idea.

Firstly collect the conkers!

Then choose a large one for the head and the rest will be the body.

Squeeze some red paint into an old plastic tub and roll the large conker around in it to coat it. Use a paintbrush also to get it all over the conker.


Repeat the process with a few different shades of green and yellow. My daughter particularly enjoyed mixing blue and yellow paint to make the different shades.


Then leave all the conkers to dry.


Tip: if you’ve got any fancy crafty acrylic type paints then they would be much better as I just used normal kids paints and a lot of it cracked off when it dried!

Once the paint has dried drill holes through all the conkers and thread them on to a piece of string.


Once you’ve threaded all the conkers on stick on some googly eyes and pieces of pipe cleaner for antennae and that’s it – one hungry caterpillar and one happy child!!!




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