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Is it acceptable….. January 31, 2017

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I know, I know, it’s been about 72 years since I lasted wrote a blog post but I’m finally feeling less like a zombie and more like a normal human being again since the birth of my second whirlwind 15 months ago!

I’m wondering if it’s acceptable that my eldest child thinks I’m putting my youngest child to bed but said youngest child is actually in bed and I’m hiding in my bedroom just to get 5 minutes peace before I have to start the second nightly battle of getting the older one to bed!?!?

This got me to thinking about other questionable parenting decisions we take to make life just that little bit easier and whether they are acceptable choices!!

So here goes, is it ok…..

.. to let your toddler eat an entire bag of salted popcorn just so you can have 5 minutes in a coffee shop talking to another adult?!?

…. to think you are winning at combining parenting with still having some small semblance of adult life so you take your child out to Cultivo Lounge and bring their homework with you only to accidentally spill wine on their homework book?!?

…. to pretend you haven’t heard your small child wake up just to give yourself a few precious extra minutes in bed?!?

…. to use your eldest child as some sort of parenting assistant and send them all over the house to collect nappies, wipes, clean clothes and anything else you clearly do not have the brain capacity to remember anymore?!?

…. to tell your children they must only have healthy snacks and then hide in the bathroom eating a chocolate bar?!?

…. to dose your child up on Calpol knowing that it is highly likely that there is nothing physically wrong with them, they are just being grumpy but you still think the Calpol with its magic voodoo powers may actually cheer them up?!?

…. to agree to play barbies with your child and then sneak on to Facebook on your phone once they are engrossed?!?

…. that as much as you love your kids when they utter words such as ‘Mummy, let’s play mummies and babies’ or ‘let’s pretend we’re going on a holiday’ you die a little inside and wish you could think of any excuse that would mean you needing to leave the house immediately?!?

…. that you ‘keep’ all their precious works of art but ‘accidentally’ recycle some of the less aesthetic pieces?!?

Sorry kids!! 😉😆


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